What if I told you, your life was an entrepreneurship venture? Where do you want to go? What social changes do you want to see? Most importantly, who do you want to be…? Re-Up.me is a “Social Reality” app that helps users see how their small choices impact their life and the lives of others. To launch the app and bring this new age philosophy to a bigger audience, Founder Voltaire Davis plans to use him self as a test subject for a global social experiment by running 3,000 Km’s from Tangier, Morocco to Amsterdam. Living in a time when many feel the problems in the world can’t be solved, Re-Up.me helps remind us that we as individuals  and as global collective have the power to create solutions we desire by being accountable to our goals and helping others achieve theirs. As up in the clouds as that may sound, see how the app works and see how Voltaire Davis plans to challenge his self and the world to become social entrepreneurs of life.


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